Congenital Heart Disease

National Zipper Day Heart Warrior Incisions and Inspiration
CHD Awareness

National Zipper Day Heart Warrior Incisions and Inspiration

National Zipper Day is not one I ever thought I would choose to celebrate. National Ice Cream Day, National Pizza Day, National Beach Day, sure, all of the above! Then again, I never thought my daughter would be born with critical congenital heart defects and require open heart surgery twice…

Heart statue in San Francisco - Heart Month hope for CHD Awareness
CHD Awareness

Heart Month 2024: Headway and Hope for CHD Awareness

Hasta luego Heart Month and hello greater CHD Awareness! Is Heart Month ever actually over? Not likely if you’re a CHD family, you may be all about the hearts and CHD awareness all year long. And I’m here for it. I wanted to take some time to reflect on Heart…

Dear New Heart Mama adult hand pink nails holding dark mauve mini plush heart in focus over blurred background of hospital bed
Heart Mom Life

A Valentine’s Letter to a New Heart Mama

Heart mama life is not for the faint of heart. Pun intended. If you’re a heart mom, you’ve likely heard, “How do you do it?” And “I can’t even imagine.” Or maybe “I couldn’t do what you’re doing.” But you can, and they could, and so could she. Because when…

CHD Awareness Month - baby sedated in ICU crib post-open-heart surgery intubated with breathing tube white and blue, yellow feeding tube, wires
CHD Awareness

Essential Guide to CHD Awareness Month

CHD. What is CHD? Are you ready?? It’s almost CHD Awareness Month! I’m covering loads of CHD basics below. Use this guide to help yourself, your family and your friends understand everything they might not yet know about CHD. Help us raise CHD awareness and join the fight for all those…

What is a heart warrior? CHD baby wearing white warrior onsie on a pink heart crib sheet feeding tube in background
CHD Awareness

What is a heart warrior?

Shortly after my baby was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD), I was thrust into a new world with all different terminology, like, heart warrior. If your child is diagnosed with CHD, you start to look at hearts differently and notice them everywhere. Everything heart takes on a whole…

Real life nightmare newborn baby girl cardiac ICU
Heart Mom Life

A real-life nightmare with our 1-day-old newborn

We arrived at the front desk frantic… “our newborn baby was brought here by ambulance, where is she?!” The hospital lobby was eerily quiet since it was Saturday and the holiday season. Such a contrast to the cacophony symphony raging through my head. It took forever to get us checked…

NICU baby on aqua blanket in bassinet during echocardiogram
Heart Mom Life

Becoming a heart mom: Birth edition

December 17, 2021, the day I became a mom of three, the day my heart warrior arrived, was the best and worst day of my life. This is a day I’ll never forget. Without a doubt, it was the most emotionally charged day of my life. Things did not go…

Manicured fingers writing notes in notebook
Open Heart Surgery

What questions to ask about your baby’s heart surgery

Trying to pick a surgeon to perform open-heart surgery on your baby is a heavy decision. How do you decide? It feels like an impossible reality, and I lost so much sleep over it. Nevertheless, if you’re faced with this, it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.  If this…

Mixed 1 1 month old baby girl gnawing on board book
CHD Parent Guides | Kids Books

CHD books for your heart warrior and heart family

After the shock wears off, and you gain acceptance of your child’s CHD diagnosis, you might want to learn anything and everything you can about congenital heart disease and defects. Check out these CHD books for your heart warrior and family to help everyone gain a better understanding of Congenital…

Heart shaped rock cracked in half above in Mount Tamalpaid State Park with Bay area water views
Heart Mom Life

How do you decide?

A heavy decision How do you decide? How do you decide…? How do you decide who to let slice open your infant’s chest? How do you decide who to let mar their perfectly soft skin? How do you decide who to trust to stop their beating heart? How do you…

Pregnant mom wearing mauve pink dress holding hands in heart shape over belly
Heart Mom Life | Pregnancy

Becoming a heart mom: Pregnancy edition

September 10, 2021, the day I became a heart mom, 25 weeks into my pregnancy, is etched in my brain forever. “There’s something not quite right with your baby’s heart” are words no mom-to-be is prepared to hear.  No time is a good time to find out your baby has…

Mom laughing curly hair with snuggly daughter

Inspired by her warrior daughter enduring Congenital Heart Disease, open-heart surgeries, and tube feeding, heart mom, Jessica, shares her experiences and expertise to support new CHD parents.

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